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Night 1 of Dirt Cup podcast is posted.

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Shaun In The Dirt Podcast at the 2017 Skagit Speedway Dirt Cup

Alger, WA | 6/23/17 - Night 1 of the 2017 Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup is in the books. Before the races I talked to Northwest Focus Midget Drivers  Shane Smith, Sawyer Lind, and Ray Stebbins, Chaplin Jim Sheppard of Racers for Christ, Sprint car drivers Greg Hamilton, and Harli White. We got to learn a little about their story which is an awesome part of this podcast and why I love to do it. Then another important part of the podcast is to recap the night and I do that by talking to the Top 5 of night 1 Aaron Reutzel, Seth Bergman, Trey Starks, Jason Solwold, Roger Crockett, and the top 2 in the Northwest Focus Midgets Tristin Thomas, and Chance Crum.

I want to thank Skagit Speedway and Carla and Gaylon Stewart for allowing me to talk to these people and giving me the access. 

How about we do this all over again Friday night?

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Shaun In The Dirt Podcast 2017 Number 3

Shaun In The Dirt Podcast 2017 Number 3 Everett, WA | 6/14/17 - The Shaun In the Dirt Podcast went to Deming and before the weather I talked to Tanner Holm, and Austin Sheridan. We talked about Tanner’s new pavement Super Late Model deal and where Austin has been. Then I made the trip to Skagit Speedway and before races I talked to TJ from the Outlaw Tuner division, Brett McGhie, Paul Burdick, Trey Starks, and after races talked to Colton Heath, Adam Holtrop, Kelsey Carpenter, and Lawrence O’Connor. Learn about a couple first time guests and get updates on a few drivers that have been on the show many times. Looking forward to the Dirt Cup next weekend at Skagit Speedway.

Shaun In the Dirt at 2016 Clay Cup

Shaun In The Dirt Podcast at 2016 Clay Cup Nationals at Deming Speedway
Everett, WA | 7/18/16 - Shaun In the Dirt was up at the highest paying West Coast Micro Sprint race on the West Coast the 2016 Clay Cup Nationals at Deming Speedway. Before the races I had a chance to catch up with Colby Thornhill, Jared Gunderson, Seth Hespe, Jake Andreotti, Frosty Metcalfe, Steven Hendrickson, Dick Williams, Doug Nunes, and Jesse Schlotfeldt. After the races I talked to the winner in the 1200 Jared Gunderson and runner up Dustin O’Brien, Kasey Kahne Jr’s winner Blaine Granberg, 600 restricted winner Colby Thornhill, and 600 Open winner Liam Ryan. 

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Shaun In the Dirt at 2016 Dirt Cup

Shaun In The Dirt Podcast at 2016 Dirt Cup Skagit Speedway

Shaun In The Dirt Podcast at 2016 Dirt Cup Skagit Speedway
Everett, WA | 6/28/16 - The first night of Dirt Cup was rained out, but mother nature cooperated the last two nights and the Shaun In the Dirt Podcast was there to witness the action. On the first night we talked to Race Director Matt Ward, 4th place Sam Hafertepe Jr, 3rd place Blake Hahn, and winner Marc Duperron. Then on Saturday night I talked to Scotty Cook reporter for Racin Boys, Cam Smith about his top 5 run Friday night, 2nd place Aaron Reutzel, 3rd place Seth Bergman, and the winner Sam Hafertepe Jr. Friday night was rough and lot of torn up equipment, but Saturday night turned out to be one of the best tracks I have seen up at Skagit Speedway. 

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Shaun In The Dirt Podcast Opening Night at Deming Speedway

Everett, WA | 4/6/16 | Great weather greeted teams, drivers and fans for the opening of the season. Opening day is always fun to see all the new paint schemes and drivers either brand new to Deming, moving up in class, or veterans looking to get the season going after a long winter. I took my microphone over to the Pit sign in area and talked to 32 drivers all the way from youngsters making their Jr Sprint debut to a driver returning to dirt after racing the late 90’s at Skagit Speedway. Like any opening day I had some microphone issues that I didn’t know about until I got home so sorry about the quality on a few of the interviews but I still thought it was important to try to salvage some of the interview.

I talked to Bailey Jean Sucich, Tatum Pospical,Riley Watkins, Chance Crum, Tanner Holm, Sawyer Sorgenfrei, Peyton Reed, Jared Gunderson, Seth Hespe, Alison Johnson, Keith Wickard, Derek Torkelson, Eric Turner, Alex Guoy, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Levi Klatt, Peyton Drake, Lynden Lebedynski, Russ Johnson, Alden Ostrom, Sean Cochran, Chase Stuart, Dylan Resch, Brandee Wood, Carson Guffie, Spud Allen, Tyson Lemley, Chase Schmidt, Liam Ryan, Kyle Mitchell, Baker Fagerlie, and Tyler McLeod. Then I finished up the podcast on the front stretch interviewing the winners Macie Logsdon, Chance Crum, Nate Vaughn, and Sawyer Sorgenfrei. Overall it was a great night at Deming Speedway to kick off the 2016 race season and I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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